my skills 


  • Change Management
    proven track record in successful change management
    of organisations (BPR, LEAN, ERP projects) with a strong
    emphasis on people management

  • Operations Management
    strong performance record in achieving operational excellence
    based on Process Management, Project Management,
    Quality Management using the EFQM approach,
    LEAN Management and Continuous Improvement

  • Situational Leadership
    excellence in applying the right style of leadership fitting the
    task and the persons involved, experienced to work in a
    multicultural environment

  • Fitness in Finance
    use of finance to support business decisions (Controlling, ABC,
    M&A/Due Diligence, factory transfer, integration)

  • Strategic Management
    well balanced approach of developing strategies and
    execution/implementation of strategies (BSC, MbO)

  • Stakeholder Focus
    strong focus on balancing the main stakeholders
    Customers, Shareholders, Employees, Environment, Public