about interim management


Interim management is the management of a unit or a
project for a limited period.

Typical skills of an interim manager are:

- experienced senior manager with a proven career  
- a generalist with a treasure trove of experience 
- expertise for the current challenge

Timeframe for interims management:

- Interim management can last from days to years.
- An interim manager also implements what he advises
  and therefore the nature of interim management is
  more long term oriented.
- Typical the mandate ends ones the targets are achieved.

Examples where to allocate an interim manager:

- projects (if ou lack ressources or comptencies)
- strategic projects
- political critical tasks (e.g. Board of Directors,
  board of management )
- management of difficult tasks such as restructuring
  where the decissions of an interim manager are not
  blocked bei internal staff or historical relations.
- to establish a new company or business unit
- internationalisation
- support in succession situations
- close the gap in case of vacany
- mergers & acquisitions, integration
- evaluation of cooperations